I’m back!!

ただいま、I’m back….well, I will be soon.  Decided my New Year’s resolution this year would be for me to start this thing back up again.  Was really into it for a while and then just sort of stopped doing it, don’t really know why, other than that I just got lazy.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted.  Most importantly, I finally found a job!!  As of last September, I have been working as a dormitory supervisor at 慶應義塾ニューヨーク学院 (Keio Academy of NY), a Japanese boarding high school in Purchase, NY.  It’s been really great being able to keep my connection to Japan while being able to start up a life in New York.  I’m still kinda figuring the area out, but I’m loving it so far.

So what will the reincarnated World Through the Eyes of a Purple Moose be about?  Pretty much what it’s been, with a few additions or changes.  It may take a while to ramp back up to full speed, and I may not write as often as I did originally, but I will make sure to at least keep some kind of regular schedule.  To start off with, my first regular post will be the all new Sunday Shuffle.  Last week, while I was listening to my iPod on shuffle, a few really nice surprises came up, and I thought it might be interesting to share some of them.  So, starting this coming Sunday and continuing weekly, I will put my iPod on shuffle, and talk about the first 10 songs to come up; good, bad, or 普通, I’ll write a bit about each one, and it may even end up bringing up interesting stories and memories.

The other thing that I hope to start up as soon as I can are my regular reviews; music, movies, Broadway shows (I’m in NY!!), and more.  I recently discovered that my local movie theater does $7 shows (all shows) all day on Tuesday, and Tuesdays happen to be my day off, so I’ve been doing weekly movies on Tuesdays.  Tonight I went and saw David Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and will hopefully get that review up before the end of this week.

Other than that, the rest of the blog posts will be about any cool events or happenings in my life, and maybe even the occasional rant or opinion piece.  As always, I appreciate the time you spend reading my stuff, and would love any comments or critiques, and will make it a point to respond to all of them.

Hope you’ll all come back!  よろしく!

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