Unboxing the Past – Box 7

Been busy lately working for a local Italian specialty shop building email newsletters and maintaining their contact list.  After spending all that time writing them I haven’t been in the mood to spend more time writing.  Got a couple of posts coming over the next few days though.

Anyway, here’s the first of those posts.  Back to the boxes…   Getting pretty close to end of these now.  This one looks like an interesting mix of books and a bunch of other random stuff.

Let’s start with the books:

Principles of Polymer Systems by Ferdinand Rodriguez – bought for a polymer chemistry class at college.  Loads of tabs added to sort the first few chapters by section.  Must have had an open book test or something…

Essential Introductory Linguistics by Grover Hudson – bought for my linguistics course in college.  This was one of my absolute favorite classes at school.  I realized in this class how much I actually enjoy languages.

The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker – bought for either my linguistics or my cognitive psychology class, probably the latter.

Cognition: The Thinking Animal by Daniel B. Willingham – textbook for my cognitive psychology course.  Another very enjoyable class.  Maybe I should have thought twice about chemistry back then…

this business of MUSIC: the Definitive Guide to the Music Industry by M. William Krasilovsky and Sidney Shemel – bought for a really cool class about the music industry and recording.  Probably should have paid more attention and done more with this.

Rules for Writers by Diana Hacker – a great book about correct grammar and syntax rules used when writing.  Bought for a scientific writing class I took in college.

Langencheidt’s Pocket Dictionary English/German – exactly what the title says it is.  Bought when I was still studying German.

A notebook from my Japanese history class.

Course packets from Elementary Japanese 1 & 2.

A binder full of notes from my polymer chemistry course, also full of tabs that I must have used for an open book test.

And now for the random other stuff:

A binder full of baseball cards from 1982-1992.  I fondly remember stopping at the card shop on the way home from school every day to buy cards and play Street Fighter 2.  Never got a great card, but I wonder if any of them are worth anything now.  Also, seeing as I was born in 1980, not sure how I got the cards from the 80s…

A random black 3 1/2″ disk with no label.  I think this may have been for submitting assignments in my programming class, but I could be wrong.  Of course, computers don’t have disk drives anymore, so I’ll never know…

A molecular structure model set for organic chemistry.

Two Taproot posters (one signed by band) – these are from when I was a street team member with Streetwise and promoted Taproot.

System of a Down Poster – also from promotions through Streetwise

Papa Roach Laminate – from when I was on Papa Roach’s street team.  Unfortunately not from a show I went to.

Simpsons Playing Cards

Random hacky sack

Marine Band Harmonica – this was given to me as a present, I think by one of my dad’s friends but maybe from a distant relative.

Easter Snoopy Figurine – probably from an Easter basket

–  Strange rat figurine (maybe pencil topper) – no clue where this came from.

Strange penguin keychain – again unsure of where this is from, maybe an exchange student.

Dragon claw holding a crystal necklace – can’t believe I ever bought this, but I remember loving it when I got it.

Flyers’ Puck

Ozzy Keychain – from Ozzfest 96

Piece of Coal?? – I think that’s what it is, but why do I have it?

Some more random rocks – in a small brown paper bag, with the price tag still on.  Guess I didn’t really need these…

Quarter Keychain – again, why do I have this???

Incomplete Grooming/Nail Kit – why would I have kept this??  I must have just thrown everything I had in a box when I left for Japan.

That’s all for this time.  Talk about a really random box of nothing.  Can’t believe we’ve wasted all that storage space on a box full of junk.  It is kinda interesting though to remember things like my baseball cards and take a look at all the random stuff I bought when I was younger.

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