A roll of the dice will determine your fate…

Back with another board game.   Saw this one in Target a few months ago and decided it WOULD be mine, so I went back a couple weeks ago to pick it up.  Pretty good investment as far as I can see.  From the minds at Haywire Group, comes a game for 2-6 players, ages 12+, DICEcapades!

Just looking at the box, you can probably tell why it caught my eye.  Nice colorful pop art style and dice, dice, and more dice!  If you can’t tell already, what make this game special is dice, lots and lots of dice.  Over 100 dice in 13 varieties.  Dice in all shapes and sizes, with numbers, colors, pictures, playing cards, etc…  And the coolest die of all, the funky die, with one tiny die inside another big die.

So, now that we’ve got all the dice, how exactly is the game played?  Well, here is what it looks like all set up.

All players, start at start (as you’d expect) and go around the board counter-clockwise twice, before arriving at the finish and successfully completing a final card to win.  To play the game, you first select a card of the same color as the area of the board that you are currently in (or a card of your choosing if you are on a ‘pick’ space).  You then read whatever is written on the card, attempt to complete your task or answer your question, and if successful, move the number of spaces printed at the bottom of the card.  When you reach the finish space, the person to your left immediately selects a card of their choosing for you to answer (thereby winning the game) on your next turn.

Those are the general rules, but just reading that, you’ve learned nothing about the game.  The cards come in three varieties, Thinkingtown, Triviaville, and Actionland.

In Actionland, as you’d excpect, some kind of “physical” challenge is required.  This may be actually physical (arm wrestle the person to your right, roll a specific die and do that many push-ups/sit-ups, etc…), or it may be something a bit more creative (draw a picture in 30 seconds, chosen by rolling the color die, in the hopes that another player will guess, stack a bunch of different dice, etc…).

In Thinkingtown, appropriately enough, some kind of thinking challenge is  required.  This includes things like rolling a bunch of number dice and doing some kind of calculation, or rolling a number die and a letter die and coming up with a list of words starting with that letter and including that number of letters.  Some of these require a bit less thinking though, for example rolling picture dice and moving one space for each animal, or, similarly, rolling letter dice and moving forward for each vowel.

Last, in Triviaville, you answer trivia questions, much like you would do in games like Trivial Pursuit or Bezzerwizzer, although there are no categories.  You just roll the color die and the person to your left reads you the question associated with that color.  Roll black, and the question asked is decided by the asker.

Half of the fun of this game is being surprised by the creativity in the challenge, so I don’t want to say much more about these cards.  The one cool thing about some of the cards, though, is that they sometimes allow you to move when it’s not your turn.  For example, win the arm wrestling match, move forward, correctly identify the picture being drawn, move forward.  In addition to these, there are quite a few others that become a competition between everyone playing for the chance to move forward.

That’s pretty much all there is to the game.  Very simple and straight forward, but also very creative and fun.  The only downside I could see would be the number of cards in the box.  This is true of every game with cards, but for some reason, this game especially feels like you might go through all the cards quickly.  Aside from the trivia cards though, because of the dice involved, most of the cards will be randomly slightly different every time you play.  I picked this up at Target for around $25 and it’s available on Amazon for about $20.  At that price, it’s definitely worth it.  Hey, if you run out of stuff to do with the game, you still have a ton of dice that you could use to create your own wacky games.

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