Unboxing the Past – Box 4 (No books this time!)

Missed a week, but I’m back with the fourth box of stuff from my past.  Upon opening, it looks like this one’s gonna be a fun one.  Mostly toys this time.

– “Boxing Ghaleon” from Lunar Silver Star Story Complete.  This was a promotional gift given out with the purchased of Lunar: SSS Complete.  It’s a puppet that works like one of those boxing nuns.










– a hat from Vulgarthon 2002 day one, signed by Kevin Smith, his wife Jen Schwalbach Smith, Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran from Clerks, Walt Flanagan, Vincent Pereira, Bryan Johnson, Brian Lynch, and Malcolm Ingram.  Vulgarthon 2002 was a movie festival thrown by Kevin Smith in Red Bank, NJ with Q&A screenings of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (w/deleted scenes), Bryan Johnson’s Vulgar, Jeff Anderson’s Now You Know, and Brian Lynch’s Big Helium Dog.  There was also a big party with live music at a bowling alley with all of the directors, actors, and fans after the film festival.  Great times.


–  two Lego Bionicle toys.   I think these were stocking stuffers one Christmas.


– a Santa Claus toy, probably also a stocking stuffer.  This is one of those wooden toys that collapses when you push in on the bottom of the figure.


– a new He-Man action figure, also a silly Christmas present.  This makes sword swinging noises when you rotate and release his waist, and yells “I have the power!” when you press a button on his side.  Comes with a shield, an axe, and a sword that fits into a scabbard on his back.


– a small stuffed monkey doll.  No clue where this came from, but most likely a stocking stuffer…


– a box covered in fantasy imagery that says Myths & Legends on the top.  No idea where this is from and have no clue what’s inside.

Upon opening it, there is a stone dragon statuette inside.  Still no clue where this is from.


– a bunch of Dragonball Z stuff.  First, a large Goku figure.

Next is a small porcelain Trunks figurine.  I actually bought this at a small store in Chinatown in Philly long before I even knew what Dragonball Z was.  I just thought it was a cool anime styled character and I liked the purple hair.

The last bit of Dragonball Z stuff is a bunch of small figures from Burger King.  They ran a Dragonball Z promotion while I was in college and a friend and I collected them.  I think this is the full set (with a missing Freeza card).


– the last thing in the box is a small box with my Phi Beta Kappa key in it.


Alright, so a box full of toys, a hat from an indie film festival, and a Phi Beta Kappa key.  It’s official, I’m a nerd.  At least this box was a bit more fun than the boxes of books before it.

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2 Responses to Unboxing the Past – Box 4 (No books this time!)

  1. Hallo!!
    I saw you have a push puppet in your pictures. Can you tell me where you bought it? Or maybe even you want to sell it yourself?? I collect push puppets….I like this one very much!
    Greetings from Holland!! Rike!

  2. Sorry!! There was a mistake in the email adress…

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