The Moose is Loose!

I’ve finally decided to do it.  Might take a while for it to pick up speed and it may look kinda ugly for a while as I learn, but here it is for what it’s worth.  Not sure who’s going to actually be reading, but I’ve got lots of free time and thought it could be fun to start writing.

So, what exactly is this all about you ask?  Nothing and everything all at the same time, but mostly about me.  It’ll focus on being a spot where any one who cares can see what I’m up to and what I’m in to.  There will be stories about places and events I go to, things I discover, probably lots of griping about my job search, and other assorted things going on in my life. The other major part of this site will be me sharing my eclectic tastes with the world.  Books, movies, TV, music, comics; whatever I feel like recommending, reviewing, or even just introducing, it’ll be here.  Whatever it is, please read, comment, share.

Now, some may ask, “Why the Purple Moose?”  It all goes back to a stuffed animal I won in a skill crane (UFO catcher) when I was in junior high school.  Sitting bored in class one day and generally feeling like I didn’t really fit in, I sort of identified with this purple moose that I had gotten.  Just figured a moose is sort of an unusual animal, and then make it purple and it really sticks out…hey, that kinda sounds like me.  So anyway, being bored, I started doodling, and the Purple Moose was born.

Now, having grown up quite a bit since then, and realizing the world is much bigger than your high school class, I’ve run into many more “purple moose” in my life.  But when thinking of a name for this blog that both represents me and the eclectic views and interests I hope to share on this site, I figured what works better than the Purple Moose.

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2 Responses to The Moose is Loose!

  1. lewispackwood says:

    Nice to see the return of the Purple Moose. It’s like JetFuel never died…

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